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Introduction to new 5G capabilities and a guide to 3GPP Releases

Jul 18 2023 11:00 - 13:00CEST
17:00 - 19:00CST

This Masterclass explains new 5G capabilities and serves as a guide to 3GPP Releases

With 3GPP’s Release 18 around the corner, 5G will have yet more capabilities to add to an already impressive list. However, the rapid expansion of 5G’s capabilities means IoT product designers face the dual challenge of understanding upcoming 5G developments but also making the most of those in earlier Releases. Join this Masterclass to gain a comprehensive understanding of the most critical 5G capabilities and concepts such as massive multiple input multiple output (mMIMO), beamforming and enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB). Our experts will showcase a diverse range of 5G module portfolios, including those offered by Qualcomm, MTK, and Unisoc, as well as their specific applications in IoT. Don't miss out on this guide to 3GPP releases and the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and stay ahead of the curve in 5G.

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The evolution of 5G and fundamental concepts

Game-changing 5G concepts including mMIMO and beamforming

5G eMBB and module portfolio

5G RedCap and module portfolio


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